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03-25-2012, 02:50 PM
The real issue is Threat Control is pretty damn worthless, its not even sure if its working properly.

I could use it on Starship Sensors and use for Scramble Sensor and a Escort should do Burst Damage, meaning its should only aggro for a few seconds before the Cruiser would pick up aggro because its doing sustainable damage higher that the Escort during its weapons recharge time.

Asking a player to gimp himself for the team in a DPS game is asking him to come up last place ... asking him to take ability we are not even sure it even works is really asking him to screw himself up, Cruisers are not support ships ... those are Science Ships, Cruisers are sustainable damage tanks that get hold aggro by dealing damage during the recharge time of the Science and Escort ships.

As a Escort your Alpha should simply half kill the enemy and your abilities would rub off damage during recharge time, Cruisers should be holding aggro when you start your attack runs, during them there is no way a Cruiser should hold Aggro as your DPS should greatly offset their even with Threat Control working they should all being aggro by your escort, that is how taking works as we dont really have specific "Aggro" BO abilities, this is what dooms Threat Control as a skill, nothing really exists for it.