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03-25-2012, 03:01 PM
Oh yes, it works as intended. It is because of that threat that allows me to pull mobs off players getting beat on and what allows me to do things like kitting the KA Boss to prevent it from cloaking and kill it inside of a minute...

I see that a few here were offended by my use of the word "hate" in an earlier post. That word was selected very carefully to show just how important it is for a Cruiser to be using. It doesn't mean that I actually "Hate" those that don't.

Folks are also forgetting that you get a Defensive bonus from skilling into threat as well. Which is great for tanking and depending on how you fly your escort, could also limit damage. There is an Escort build thread that actually covers that exact strategy.

Now on to the "NO DER" replies that quoted me...

Of course Threat has no use in PvP. Only an idiot would think it does, so what was the point of that post?

At the cost of a respec on Dilithium. Cryptic made the issue about money first by forcing players to use C store credits. The fact that you could use Dilithium in exchange for C Store credits it moot and completely unreasonable. The amount of work needed just to earn 400c just to respec your Space skill of Dilithium is laughable.

The current Dilithium exchange rate, as of this posting, rquires over 100,000 Dilithium to equal 400c. Yeah, that seems reasonable..