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# 1 Feedback on Voiceover-use
03-26-2012, 05:23 AM
Just because you have a voice over doesn't mean you have to use it time and time again. I've been replaying many of the story missions and noticed that when there is a conversation with several options, often the npc speaks the same line each time the selection menu pops up.

Recent example: During the conversation in the conference room, Captain Kurland says "Do you have anything to add" every time you start a conversation. That's like 5 times. Also, during the space walk mission, I almost wanted to mute it so I didn't have to listen to "Kurland here" or "This is Kurland" at every turn. Also, the Klingon prisoner in the brig from The Doomsday Weapon gets annoying with "Another question?" but you can skip right to the end with him.

Please lay off the repetitiveness. It's nice that you've included voices and cut scenes (even though the engine isn't cut out for it) but everything in moderation, please.