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03-26-2012, 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by deadspacex64
infected, when someone splits off the main group and pops the other side spawning nanites.
also infected, people who don't know how to use repulsers...nanite sphere with maybe 5% health left, oddy charges in fires repulsers and shoves it into range of the generator >.<

saw another science ship do that with probes in ka. starting to think they're are assimilated spies out there already that secretly help the borg, O.O
also ka, the person who splits right to guard, destroys 2 gens...which is fine if they can handle the spheres and the probes...80% of the time they can't, and one ****tard died, respawned, then ran over to the left side, i wasn't watching him, only noticed when saw his stats suddenly plummet, engaged with 2 sphere's already, tried to get over there asap, made it but not in time to stop 1 probe from going through...and the guy who had been guarding that side whinges that we failed the optional

cure normal, 3 ships guarding the kang and they failed fast. had just started working on the first cube when mission failed. 3 ships, 2 oddy's and an escort couldn't handle freaking bops :\

always pugging so i've seen a lot @.@ and all in all...afkers aren't so at least know they're not going to screw things up.
This boggles my mind. Of all the space missions on normal, Cure is the easiest. How can you fail to those BoPs? Their hull is tissue paper! One CSV/TS volley and the front BoP is exploding... which does enough damage to the one behind it to finish it off too, and I can move on to the other two in quick succession.

I just don't get it. Maybe I am so used to dealing out good damage that I can't fathom someone running a poor damage setup in an STF.