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Mines, as a whole are typically used to moderate effect these days. How ever I noticed that unlike powers such as High Yield, or Spread, Mine patterns don't actually buff the damage the Mines do, they just give you more of them.

Mine Deployment patterns do not increase the damage of mines. Sure they allow you to deploy more Mines, but those mines don't do more damage unlike their Torpedo power counter parts that shoot out more Torpedos AND increase the damage of the Torpedo. And the Torpedo: Spread and Torpedo: High Yield powers reciently were changed to effect Tricobalt Torpedos.

So what I'm asking is 2 things..

1: Why doesn't Mine dispersal patterns actually increase individual mine damage despite the amount of mines deployed?

2: Why wasn't the Mine dispersal patterns also applied to the Tricobalt Mine like the Torpedo powers were applied to the Tricobalt Torpedos?

A suggestion would be to make the Deployment patterns work like the High Yield and Spread options for Torpedos.

(Unfortunately my memeory on the NAMES of each pattern that does what escapes me, so description is better used until I remember the names for each pattern)

For example, the Mine Pattern that Deploys Multiple sets of Mines could get a damage boost like Spread, since you putting more mines out in clumps to make a longer chain of Mines.

For Example, the Mine Pattern that Deploys a Net of Mines could get a damage boost like High Yield, since your putting a large amount of mines out in one spot all at once.