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03-26-2012, 07:11 AM
My worst experience...there's so many. But I'll stick with the thing that almost always happens.

I normally fly Science ships. I loves me Intrepid Retrofit and me Nebula.

Well, I had just really returned to the game and saw the changes done to the STFS so I figured, why not, what's the worse that could happen?

Little did I know this would envoke the power of Murphy and his Law.

So I checked up on how to do the STFs now and went in..that's when my hell began.

Off the bat we destroy the Cube and Sphere and go after the Generator..and once we pop the Generators in come the Nanite ships, and all that could stop them..

A Nebula that was geared for support and healing roles with one Grav Well 3 to its name.

Oh yeah, this is gonna suck.

Well, the Rainbow Brites were still spamming fighters and all that on the Generators and here I was, fighting a holding action against a horde of Spheres and Probes...the entire time I was mentally hoping for a server crash so epic that Cryptic would be blasted back to the stone age.

Long story short, we finished the STF but failed the optional..

However no matter what happens when I run Infected, I find myself being the only one trying to keep the probes away. And in Cure: the only one that's protecting the Kang.

Moral of the story: Never Insult Murphy and call him a motherless @$$hole.