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03-26-2012, 07:37 AM
Did you use the 10% strategy? That is, get all the generators to 10%, then blow them all up as quick as possible, and start nuking the transformer that is healing the gate. If you do it right and there's enough DPS in the group, you can nuke the transformer before any of the nanite spheres or probes reach the transformer, making the entire ordeal of trying to keep them at bay unnecessary. It's a lot faster than trying to kill every wave of nanites after every generator pops.

If your team was attempting to do the above, best you could do was to either help them nuke the transformer or try to keep the nanites away by repelling or rooting them. The whole problem starts when people play different strategies. Seeing as how you say they were still killing the generators while there were nanites to kill I guess they didn't follow the 10% strategy. Then the only strategy would've been to switch from whatever they were doing to killing nanites. It'll be difficult to get the optional in time that way, but its still possible if there's enough DPS. Heck, anything is possible with just enough DPS.