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03-26-2012, 09:48 AM
Originally Posted by Solomace View Post
Last I heard's released in other parts of the world, it will increase even more. it was still steady at 1.7 mil and when 1.2 comes in, then it will grow even more.

That said, it will still always be bigger than STO with more people willing to pay 10 per month then they were for STO.

At least TOR has 2 "FULL" factions, and 8/16 Classes compared to what STO has!

Star Wars is a bigger world wide IP then Trek and the game not only has more money pumped into, it's developers also have a better reputation (DA2 not withstanding), so I'm sure the TOR fanbase will still stick with it for some years.

STO is still on life support and I can feel another big content drought coming on.

And for the record, before the same old same old come on and talk about we are getting content, ships don't count as content in my book, C-Store stuff doesn't count as content. I'm not fooled by "everything is counted as content" speech that the devs and some of the same old same old say.

i miss coming on the sto forums they are a unique experience