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03-26-2012, 09:51 AM
This is not the worst one I have ever been in, but it was pretty bad. Yesterday infected ground. We do the whole everyone know the triggers etc. oh yeah yeah we all know. 3 victim in and optional is failed. One person for some reason had to be at the door to every room. Ok so we move on. Get to the final room do the whole left right center deal. Yah yah all good. One person walks in, and stands in the plasma and dies, resurrected, and happens again. 3 times total. Then another person starts spamming pets and mortars etc.. Argos the whole room. Then dies. Repeatedly. Finally 3 of us are moving along and the other two when not dead are agroing anything they could. Finally get Rebecca out, and they won't spread out. So chain lighting in effect. One more shot and she's a goner, and I disconnected. Got back in time to see an empty star base with no loot and a col down on the game. I was ****ed. I pray none of them got tech.