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03-26-2012, 11:02 AM
...Seems weak (10 or 11 BO powers and no Cmdr, unlike the 12 available to EVERY Adm level ship other than the BoP, which is only an Ensign short of the standard anyway). Besides, you're missing a couple important points regarding KDF vessels:

-The Siege Destroyer is essentially a Fleet Escort with a modified power balance and a "Javelin" disruptor similar to the Dreadnought's Phaser Lance (but can only be deployed while in the speed-and-turn-killing Siege Mode)
-The Flight-Deck cruiser is essentially a Star Cruiser with a single hangar bay. (If you want to be a carrier wannabe, you can get a Star Cruiser and put the Scorpion Fighters on it.)
-If a KDF player wants a Support Vessel, they have to pay for it, unlike the Feds which get access to free Science Vessels at each main tier.

Now, for a Fed ship with a more BoP-style gameplay, I'd suggest that Cryptic release the Aquarius with such stats. It's a tiny little thing with its own BoP counterpart, so it makes sense to me.

This ship? It doesn't seem to do anything especially well, except shield tanking (since it's built on a Recon Sci chassis)... its Boff layout and abilities in general make it look like an Ody wannabe.