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03-26-2012, 12:02 PM
We called the cops they had us call animal control, and animal control told us this was the third report against that owner and his dog. But apparently he's got his dog back from them. I guess he paid a fine?

This is the third time he's gone after one of my dogs on my property since the guy moved in. This is the first time we actually filed anything. But this dog's pretty much a menace and it's because of the owner. Like every bad owner story you could think of SHORT of Michael Vick, this guy fits the stereotype. Every single time it's come on our property, it's been off a leash.

I'm not usually one to seek a lawyer, but this time I'm really really considering it.

Sorry to veer horribly off topic! To bring it back on topic, this is one case where STO being free to play works out well for me. Heh. But I will miss TOR. It's been an engaging game thus far.