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Originally Posted by cjc75 View Post
I would like to jump into this, as I too am new to STO and am a Lvl 40 Tact Captain flying a Fleet Escort.

I have all phaser based weapons, with quantum torps, and all the appropriate consoles to support them; I saved up about 1mil ec from Exchange Sales before I acquired the Fleet Escort from my RA promotion and then went and put about 600,000 ec into outfitting the ship with all Rare and Extra Rare equipment; of all the best quality that I could find... best Quad Heavy Phasers, Quantum Torps, Combat Impulse Engine, and Covariant Shields; all maxed for my Level and Rank, as these all had the best stats out of others of their kind, and so on...

I have my BoFF's loaded up with things like High Yield Torp, Torp Spread, Attack Patterns Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Tactical Team, Engineering Team, Science Team, Emergency Power to Shields... and various other skills...

For the most part, I designed my ship through my BoFF's, and my own skills.. to be just a power house pouring out the DPS and withstanding as much incoming damage as possible...

As a result, my ship shines in PvE... and god have mercy on any PvE enemy who comes across my bow in range of my cannons...

Obviously, this has worked out beautifully in PvE where I can take down heavy Battleship's within a matter of seconds. I go into one of those "Enemy Contact" red vortex PvE things and just fly around blasting the hell out of every enemy in sight and usually, any other PvE Players who enter, typically end up following me around and assisting on my targets!


Last night, I tried out Ker'rat for the first time; being still new to the game, things like Ker'rat were unknown to me as I never bothered much with the "tutorial missions" at the beginning, and just skipped them.

So entering Ker'rat, I finally got my first taste of STO PvP; and I must say it was quite entertaining and a lot of fun!

But I learned rather quickly that PvE and PvP within STO are quite vastly different in terms of play style... as I went up against a Klingon Player flying a Vo'Quv Carrier loaded up with more To'duj fighters then I care to count!

Now the fighters were no problem, as they were easily picked off by my turrets and heaven have mercy, on any that flew across my bow in range of my cannons... and pray they stay away from my Torp Spread...

But the Vo'Quv itself...

That was a player who knew what he was doing, and while on my own I was no match against him. There were several instances where I accidently came across him while flying across the area by myself and suddenly he's decloaking right smack on top fo me! In such cases, I find myself swarmed by his Fighters, and barely able to put a dent in his shields while he's hammering the frickin hell out of mine!

The only way to take him down was when the rest of the Fed Players in my Ker'rat instance would rally together against him.

Now, I do not expect to be able to solo such a player and defeat them...

But I ought to at least be able to put up a good fight and do some damage to him?

For that matter, should I work towards acquiring a different ship? Obviously I won't get another "freebie" when I hit RAUH; so I'm stuck with my Fleet Escort for now; unless I somehow manage to acquire enough dilithium to go buy another ship... but for the casual player like myself, the time it takes to acquire such amounts is really sort of a waste of time as I usually Level up too fast and have access to another new "freebie" ship before I get 3000 dilithium...

I still have my Tactical Escort Defiant from Captain rank, but that is a step back from the Fleet Escort... but would it be better in PvP over the Fleet Escort?

Or would I just have to wait till I can acquire the Tactical Escort Retrofit at Vice Admiral to have a decent PvP ship?
Yes, PvE is nothing likd PvP. However, if you make a ship capable of PvP, you should be able to handle PvE with little problems.

Also, you aren't getting any more free ships at this point. There's no advantage to going back to the Tactical Escort, as you are essentially handicapping yourself in PvP and PvE by giving your self less weapons and lower overall boff skills.

The only advantage you're getting with the Tactical Escort Retrofit is a slightly better turn rate, slightly faster impulse speed, and a cloaking device (which gives you a +15% damage increase for 5 seconds when you de-cloak). What you lose, is an Ensign Engineering station, which could give you an extra shield heal. Depending on your build, you get an Ensign Tactical station with the TER, which could be useful (but probably won't be).

The problem that you had, is three-fold:
1) You fought a Klingon player who knew how to use their ships capabilities and had an optimized boff skill layout
2) As a Rear Admiral, Lower Half, your equipment is going to be optimized until you reach Rear Admiral, Upper Half and Vice Admiral (though, the increase could be nominal, depending on what your current gear is)
3) This was your first PvP experience, and what you thought was a good weapon, console, and boff load-out may not be the case. Since you didn't post any of that info, we can only assume that it probably wasn't optimal for a PvP encounter.

My suggestion, is take a look at the numerous escort builds that were posted and compare it to what you have. Join a Fleet and practice some PvP with them, as they could give you some constructive criticism on what you need improvement on.