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03-26-2012, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by zekesulastin
The Fleet Escort is fine for PVP - you just can't cloak and turn a tad slower versus the Def-R. In trade, you have another usable console slot (the Defiant's cloak is a universal console) and you're much more durable, however you go about it.!
Not sure I understand what you mean.

More durable because of an extra console slot that wouldn't be used by the Cloaking device?

If you take out the cloaking device, you can put any console you want to replace it. But, then it would just be a faster, better turning Fleet Escort (with a useless ensign Tactical officer slot).

I would assume you would want to put the cloaking device in a science slot, since there really aren't any good science consoles that you could use to improve durability (unless you want to add another Field Generator...which will probably get fixed anyways). Otherwise, anything else that would improve durability would be an Engineering console, which probably won't have the cloaking device there anyways.