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03-26-2012, 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by zekesulastin
As far as your build, you mentioned "High Yield Torp, Torp Spread, Attack Patterns Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Tactical Team, Engineering Team, Science Team, Emergency Power to Shields" - you REALLY want to be running 2x Tac Teams (plus having Distribute Shields readily available) so that you have the automatic shield distribution up as long as possible. Engi and Sci teams are of ... limited utility, especially since you have TT up all the time and the 15 second global cooldown on all teams.

I also don't see anything boosting energy weapon DPS - no CRF or CSV. Your torps aren't much good until shields are down, which is one of the reasons why both the STF Escort Build Thread and the Hilbert Guide for New PVP Pilots include powerful cannon boosts. They provide a great starting point for builds, and once you have experience you can modify them as necessary (using a DBB in place of a D(H)C or Torp launcher is a popular idea, for instance).!
I appreciate the advice...

As for my Cannons, I should mention that I .. DO, have Cannon: Rapid Fire II on one of my Tact BoFF's; which I have found dramatically boosts my cannon fire, coupled that with Attack Pattern Alpha III; and I'm suddenly doing massive damage with my Cannons.

When lining up for an attack, I usually hit the following...

Attack Alpha III
Cannon: Rapid Fire II
Torpedo: High Yield II
Tactical Team II

Each of these 4 active together, and I'm blasting D'derix' and other heavy Battleships, clear out of the sky within a matter of seconds.

Even though Cannon: Rapid Fire does less damage then when firing cannons normal; I've found that when used with Alpha III and Tact Team II, it dramatically increases the DPS done to the target; and thus I am usually ripping through the PvE targets shields even before the first "High Yield" volley of Quantum Torpedo's hit their mark... at that point, the fights over...

But thats in PvE...

Obviously PvP is much different...

Also, you're suggesting x2 Tact Teams...

Considering I already have two Tact BoFF's; I should have one with Tact Team II (which I already have) and then put Tact Team 1 on the other BoFF? I could definitely do this as my other BoFF has an ensign skill that I don't use; so theoretically I could replace that skill with Tact Team 1.

Originally Posted by Shook-Yang
Yes, PvE is nothing likd PvP. However, if you make a ship capable of PvP, you should be able to handle PvE with little problems.

Also, you aren't getting any more free ships at this point. There's no advantage to going back to the Tactical Escort, as you are essentially handicapping yourself in PvP and PvE by giving your self less weapons and lower overall boff skills.

The only advantage you're getting with the Tactical Escort Retrofit is a slightly better turn rate, slightly faster impulse speed, and a cloaking device (which gives you a +15% damage increase for 5 seconds when you de-cloak). What you lose, is an Ensign Engineering station, which could give you an extra shield heal. Depending on your build, you get an Ensign Tactical station with the TER, which could be useful (but probably won't be).

The problem that you had, is three-fold:
1) You fought a Klingon player who knew how to use their ships capabilities and had an optimized boff skill layout
2) As a Rear Admiral, Lower Half, your equipment is going to be optimized until you reach Rear Admiral, Upper Half and Vice Admiral (though, the increase could be nominal, depending on what your current gear is)
3) This was your first PvP experience, and what you thought was a good weapon, console, and boff load-out may not be the case. Since you didn't post any of that info, we can only assume that it probably wasn't optimal for a PvP encounter.

My suggestion, is take a look at the numerous escort builds that were posted and compare it to what you have. Join a Fleet and practice some PvP with them, as they could give you some constructive criticism on what you need improvement on.

Appreciate some of your advice as well...

To answer some of your questions...

1. I am not entirely sure of my current BoFF load-out off the top of my head; I know.. I should. However at the moment, I am at work (its a 'lazy day' today) so I can;t login to the game to see for sure what it all is...

My weapons are all Blue or Purple Mark X; Dual Quad Heavy Phaser Cannons.. two on the bow, along with two Quantum Torp Launchers on the Bow.

On the Aft I have a pair of Heavy Phaser Turrets, and 1 Quantum Torp Launcher.

For the Tact Consoles, that I can answer...

x1 Phaser Relay
x1 Prefire Chamber
x2 Warhead Yield Chamber

Engineering Consoles
x2 RARE RCS MK X +32% Turn Rate
x1 Field Emitter

I can say, with those two RCS consoles loaded.. things are really quite intersting. Come in with High Yield II on my Torps, unleashing a heavy volley and then pull a fast 180, putting my aft Torp launcher on them with Torpedo Spread; which on a single target... ouch! I'm fitring anywhere from a dozen or more torpedos within a matter of seconds!

I am, not entirely sure of my Science Consoles; I never figured out the science side of the game much and usually always saw these as things boosting my deflector when... never did me much good in PvE...

I think I have x1 MK X Emitter Array loaded; which supposedly improves Shield repair ...

I also have a 5th BoFF... but I've been working all this time with just the 4 in PvE that the 5th was never much useful. I can see now that in PvP, throwing in the 5th BoFF with additional ensign level shield skills can make a huge difference!

I may try experimenting with that later tonight!