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Originally Posted by cjc75 View Post
Also, you're suggesting x2 Tact Teams...

Considering I already have two Tact BoFF's; I should have one with Tact Team II (which I already have) and then put Tact Team 1 on the other BoFF? I could definitely do this as my other BoFF has an ensign skill that I don't use; so theoretically I could replace that skill with Tact Team 1.
I'll chime in here as well. I'd recommend sticking with Tactical Team 1 on both of your Tactical Officers. It would serve you better to put damage skills in the Lt. slots.

Originally Posted by cjc75 View Post
Appreciate some of your advice as well...

To answer some of your questions...

1. I am not entirely sure of my current BoFF load-out off the top of my head; I know.. I should. However at the moment, I am at work (its a 'lazy day' today) so I can;t login to the game to see for sure what it all is...

My weapons are all Blue or Purple Mark X; Dual Quad Heavy Phaser Cannons.. two on the bow, along with two Quantum Torp Launchers on the Bow.

On the Aft I have a pair of Heavy Phaser Turrets, and 1 Quantum Torp Launcher.

For the Tact Consoles, that I can answer...

x1 Phaser Relay
x1 Prefire Chamber
x2 Warhead Yield Chamber

Engineering Consoles
x2 RARE RCS MK X +32% Turn Rate
x1 Field Emitter

I can say, with those two RCS consoles loaded.. things are really quite intersting. Come in with High Yield II on my Torps, unleashing a heavy volley and then pull a fast 180, putting my aft Torp launcher on them with Torpedo Spread; which on a single target... ouch! I'm fitring anywhere from a dozen or more torpedos within a matter of seconds!

I am, not entirely sure of my Science Consoles; I never figured out the science side of the game much and usually always saw these as things boosting my deflector when... never did me much good in PvE...

I think I have x1 MK X Emitter Array loaded; which supposedly improves Shield repair ...

I also have a 5th BoFF... but I've been working all this time with just the 4 in PvE that the 5th was never much useful. I can see now that in PvP, throwing in the 5th BoFF with additional ensign level shield skills can make a huge difference!

I may try experimenting with that later tonight!
Regarding your weapon you mean you have the Phaser Quad Cannons, Phaser Dual Cannons or the Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons? Since you can only have one Quad Cannon on your ship, I'll guess you mean Dual Heavy Cannons on the fore.

Here's my opinions:
1) Having more than one torpedo on the fore is seriously hurting your DPS. You should be using another DHC or a Dual Beam Bank (as some have suggested). Torpedoes do very little damage against shields, and are meant to hit the hull. Your build may be able to hit the hull of NPCs, but against someone who can keep their shields up, your torpedoes are never going to come close to it. With only 2 cannons on the fore, you probably aren't going to do enough damage to penetrate the shields with their shield buffs up.
2) The phaser turrets on the back aren't bad. But, you may want to consider putting a 3rd turret on there, as it will help maintain your DPS. Up to you, however.
3) I used to use 2x RCS consoles as well. Eventually, I dropped one and just use one RCS console on my Tactical Escort Retrofit. But, I definitely noticed an improvement with two. I would, however, recommend you drop the Field Emitter and put in an EPS Flow Regulator. This doesn't help replenish your subsystem power (or if it did, it's not a significant amount), but it does help transfer power between systems quickly (especially if you're dropping out of full impulse).
4) One must have Science console is the Field Generator. It adds +35% to your Shield capacity. Before, you could not stack these. However, you can now (probably a bug, which may get patched).
5) Yes, your Ensign Engineer should have another shield heal. It's not just useful in PvP. In end game STF missions, particularly on Elite, getting killed adds damages to your ship. Damages slightly lowers some of your ship stats, and the damages stack. You can always repair them with components though. But, ideally, you want to stay in the action for as long as possible and do your part to get the optional objective completed for nice prizes.

Here are some other console suggestions:
1) Get an Assimilated Console from the Assimilation mission (I believe it's the first Undine story mission). You can use this in place of your extra science slot, or replace one of the RCS consoles with the Assimilated Console.
2) Replace the torpedo damage boosters with more Phaser relays. Yes, the boost to torpedoes is nice, but you need to be able to take down those shields as quickly as possible to maximize your torpedo damage. Since you will be primarily firing energy weapons, I recommend going all Phaser relays.