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03-26-2012, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by Shook-Yang
Not sure I understand what you mean.

More durable because of an extra console slot that wouldn't be used by the Cloaking device?
That's what I meant, my wording was bad. Either way, you're losing a slot - guess you could just lose the 4th tact console :p

Originally Posted by cjc75
I've read about these, but I've not yet been able to actually find any. STOWiki says that they're only craftable and not tradable on the Exchange... if thats the case, then I'll probably not get one for a long while...
Wrong, they're available for about 12k dilithium from the D-store or about 1.4m from the exchange as of this post (search for Field Generator Mk XI). It's worth the dilithium, tbh

Originally Posted by cjc75
Other stuff
Read the threads I linked, pretty much all of your questions are answered there. Shook's advice is good too - I'd be more talky and less "read this"y but the oven just beeped ;-;

Also you can skip any mission to move to the next, to get to the Undine Front quickly.