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03-26-2012, 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by Capt.Morgan0210 View Post
It could be that the "Terran Federation" is a successor to the "Terran Empire."
Why? the last source about the Mirror Universe had the I.S.S. Defiant that indicates Imperial Space Ship ... I like to know were this Terran Federation is being pulled from, I suspect its just a assent naming convention that have no further meaning-

Regarding the ships, I'd like to see them painted in a similar way that the NX-01 was in "In A Mirror, Darkly."
I am going to be frank and say I really did not get it why they painted their ships yellow, I never seen a Empire using the color yellow were Cryptic choice of purple at least have foundations.

Also the first time we seen the Mirror Universe the Enterprise was almost the same ... except it had I.S.S. instead of U.S.S. and I prefer things being subtle, a slight distortion that shows things are very different and very wrong.