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Originally Posted by cjc75 View Post
This is one thing I have never understood...

Power systems?

I've never seen problems with these, heck I don't even know what they are... I just fly my ship around and shoot at anything thats hostile to me, and usually... 9 times out of 10, I end up destroying whatever it is...
Subsystem powers make a huge difference in everything you do. I believe, by default, your subsystem power is distributed equally.
It should look like this:
Weapon 50/50
Shield 50/50
Engine 50/50
Auxiliary 50/50

Left value is actual, right value is the regular level. The numbers will change on the left, depending on what you have skill points into and what consoles you have. If you are flying an escort, you automatically get +15 to weapons. So, you weapon subsystem power would be 65/50.

In the case of weapons, 50 does 100% of the listed damage. At 100, you are doing 200% your listed damage (some think it's 300%). At 125 (hard cap on subsystem power), you are doing 250% (some thing it's 400%). For instance, I have my subsystem at 125/90 as an escort, and my mk XII dual heavy cannon lists the damage at 1,200+ DPS (you can see this in combat space or orbiting space....just hover the mouse over the weapon attack icon). Normally, it's 261 DPS. The 1200+ DPS is determined after skills, passives, and subsystem power.

For more information, go here:

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I've read about these, but I've not yet been able to actually find any. STOWiki says that they're only craftable and not tradable on the Exchange... if thats the case, then I'll probably not get one for a long while...
As Zeke has stated, you can buy them from the Exchange or you can buy them with dilithium.

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Not quite sure what you mean by .. "getting killed adds damages to your ship.. .damage lowers some of your ship stats... etc" ...

I have never seen this.

I've never seen my ship stats change...

I know there is a "ship heal" NPC guy at ESD but every time I talk to him, he tells me that my ship has no damages to be healed.

I have "components" piling in my inventory cause.. they, seem, to be important...

But I've never had any use for them and they've thus far been rather useless inventory fillers...

Is this something that is maybe bugged?
No, it's not bugged. STO is forgiving to those players that choose to play normal. However, the rewards are greater when you play Elite. It's also harder. Not to mention, that when you die, you get damages to your ship. That is what the components are, and that is what that one officer is for on stations.

By default, your game is set to Normal. You can change this. However, you are given the option to stay on Normal mode, and only play the end-game STF missions on Elite.

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I've read about these too. Unfortunately, I'm only partway through the Romulan Story line and do not have any of the others available to me, except the Klingon one that I recently finished.

I found that STO was incredibly way too easy to level up; flew around doing System Patrols for 2500+ Exp each, doing 3 - 4 of them in an hour and BAM, I've gone up 2 levels! Another couple hours, and I'm suddenly promoted to Lt. Commander... then play the game for a few hours the next night and suddenly I'm promoted to Commander already... then Captain... and now RA-LH!

I've done the 2800 episodes while I was Captain in a Tactical Defiant, they were kinda fun... but I've found that I can already get much better equipment on my ship from the Exchange as opposed to the Jem'Hader equipment rewards; and flying around in a ship with PURPLE engine streaks and purple windows, and purple deflector, and purple cannon bolts, and ... and.. and purple tribbles with green poka dots, and purple clowns.. and and and ... yea, it was getting kinda dumb...

Went back to using gear from the Exchange and saw a huge improvement in my ships performance.
Again, as Zeke said, you can skip any mission (except for the first mission of each chapter). That's what I did to quickly get the Assimilated Console.

As for the rewards for the 2800, a lot of the rewards for the story missions scale to your level, or they scale as you level up.

Here are the examples of those two types:
1) Let's say you got a mk VII shield from the 2800 story line after you beat it the first time. Then you replay the mission after you get to VA. The same shield will now be a mk XI. So, it's in your interest to replay the stories that had unique items (like the 2800 missions).
2) Let's say you get a weapon that has no mk. In that case, what typically happens, is that as you go up in rank, your weapon becomes more powerful without you having to do anything.

Originally Posted by cjc75 View Post
I actually considered replacing my Aft Torp with a Phaser Relay but kept thinking.. "Why the hell would someone do that on an ESCORT!? .. aren't phasers for Cruisers?!"

But after my PvP experiences last night, and seeing you mention it here, I definitely see the logic in it!

Sure, having all those Torps is awesome in PvE...

I think I'll grab a decent Pahser Relay, or two... keep them in my inventory along with the proper Consoles; and try them out next time I get into a PvP!

Then probably grab a third Tactical BoFF if I can with some Phaser skills; as opposed to the two Boff's I already have that share Torp and Cannon skills...
Just so there's no misunderstanding, beam weapons are classified as Beam Array (single beam) or Dual Beam Bank (dual beams).

Phaser Relays are the damage boosting console for phasers.

I wouldn't recommend putting a phaser ARRAY on your aft. Turrets consume less subsystem power and are considered cannons. So, your cannon abilities (like Cannon: Rapid Fire 2) would get boosted. Also, turrets have a 360 degree firing arc, so they can fire on whatever is directly in front of you along with your fore weapons.

The standard build that a lot of people use are:
Fore Weapons: 3x Dual Heavy Cannons + 1x Torpedo (usually quantum)
Aft Weapons: 3x Turrets
Tactical Consoles: 4x specific energy weapon boosting consoles