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03-26-2012, 04:24 PM
Here's what I take for my STF Defiant build:

Cmdr Tac: TT1, CSV1, CSV2, AP-Omega3
LtCmdr Tac: TT1, Beam Target Shields Subsystem 2, Torp Spread 3
Lt. Eng: EPtS1, EPtS2
Lt. Sci: HE1, TBR1 <- Must-have for STF's
Ensign Tac: Torp Spread 1

Tractor Beam Repulsors is a must-have for escorts in elite STF's, pushing away big borg swarms to help your team meet bonus mission objectives. Use with Evasive Maneuvers for best effect.

I don't usually run Beam Overload with CRF nor CSV since it drops weapon power (-50 or so), thereby nerfing your ship cannon's damage output until you stop shooting to allow weapons power to recharge. Target Shield Subsystem has no such penalty and it works well will opening up shields for large torp salvos.

The Advanced Escort gives you a better Bridge Officer layout by swapping an ensign tac station with an ensign sci station. This can be used for Hazard Emitters1 or Science Team1 to help keep your ship alive.

The Fleet Escort and Gurumba variants can use Aux to Structural 1 to give you constant hull heals and resists every 15 seconds.