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03-26-2012, 05:44 PM
My guess is that after the Terran Rebelion re-established their Empire, they created a millitary arm similar to the Roman Legions and named it "Starfleet". Hence, I could see "Terran Starfleet" being reasonable.

As far as I.S.S. Runabout; Battleship; and Transport, I see your point as far as named ships, but I can also see it being more generic as far as "I.S.S. designated vessle".

I used the Terran assets extensively in my mission "Battle of Proxima". While it shows "crusier" groups, those crusiers could be science vessels, escorts, or traditional crusiers. Only the Dreadnaught, Battleship, and Frigates don't change(unless in a group, which changes the spawn rates). I would argue that the Terran faction has all the assets that the Federation faction has, making it one of the two most fleshed out enemy groups in the game. The foundry is only limited by your imagination.