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03-26-2012, 07:18 PM
General Torp and Mine units need too be redueced too ONE unit.

They are pointless. They should be replaced with ONE unit that boosts Kinetic Dmg as they do now. Really if you mix torpedo units too boost multiple torp types you are handicaping yourself. The only saving grace has been that the same unit would boost kinetic sci skills.

This change is the nail in the sci ship coffin. Really there is no good reason too have a sci ship anymore. There control abilities are terrible... shield stripping is resisted. (and I believe your intentions are too increase those resistance skills). Building Sci Torp boats was the only really semi useful role for the sci ship... now mines will not benefit. (they where semi useful dmg wise with a couple +kinetic units).

This is not a change in the right direction. I understand they where not working properly that was obvious when they both performed the same way. However I really suggest you consider removing one from game (No one is going to miss the mine unit NO one uses them) Leave the warhead as it is now delete the Geo Thingy and everything is just fine.