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03-26-2012, 07:46 PM
I'm pretty excited about a few of the changes here (the fix for FAW and Theta especially).

I don't really care about the 35% shield console (it could be removed entirely and I'd wouldn't mind) but I suspect this blatant nerf isn't going to go over well. I realize you guys wanted to make things more intuitive but keeping it unique or even giving them diminishing returns might have been better for keeping the peace.

The Shield Distribution Doff change is a nice surprise. Short of making it unique (like the Astrometrics Doff) this is a baby step in the right direction and that it's a relatively minor adjustment still keeps it as a great Doff.

Hazard Emitters continuing to clear as it heals is another great fix, that's one of the biggest issues with Theta and Warp Plasma. I hope that we can look forward to more adjustments in the event that the fix to Hazards, combined with the fix to Theta, hurts Theta too much.