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03-26-2012, 08:12 PM
It looks like they cut the effectiveness of the Field Generator Consoles in half basically. A Mk XI blue Field Generator Console gives +18% shields now. I am not a fan of this change at all. Why not change the consoles back to their original percentages and apply a diminishing returns formula if you use more than one if you absolutely have to reduce the shield benefits? As it is you have to use two consoles to get the same benefit you used to get with one console.

Personally I didn't see a problem with allowing the stacking at the original percent numbers anyway as you gave up other consoles by doing that. Even stacking nothing but Field Generator Consoles would only buy you a few more seconds of intact shields with current damage output numbers.

Another way to fix this questionable change would be to give all ships an additional free science console slot or increase base shield capacity on all shields to offset the percentage loss, but we all know that is highly unlikely to happen.