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03-26-2012, 08:54 PM
Originally Posted by Storm-Strike
TNG "The Outcast"

Mister Data, reconfigure for a
high-resolution sweep with a
radius of one million kilometers.
Look for possible debris.

Data works controls once more.

Scan shows no debris within
that radius.

I don't understand it. A
shuttle doesn't simply vanish.

Now Data should have told Krite: Well, our weak scanners can actually only work within six kilometers so Riker was just trolling you. We'll have to scan out here all year to cover it with our six kilometer limit.
You've kinda made my point for me. THERE IS NO CANON AS FAR AS RANGE AND DISTANCE ARE CONCERNED. Didn't I mention that? The game designers HAD to make some stuff up.

They made an aesthetic choice. Perfect? No. Maybe not. But at least they TRIED.

Fine. So if you want to interact with a space object you have to be right on top of it. Who's to say Geordi or data was doing an "interact with object" and not offering a "popup dialog" on a "reach marker"?

Look, I love the idea of two ships blasting away at each other from so far away they barely see one another as anything more than pinpoints of light. I'm a huge classic Traveller fan. But compare the distances above to the shots in Wrath of Khan where the two ships were practically smashing into each other. The devs had to make some choices and they chose, not surprisingly, to go with the more graphically exciting approach of having the ships at relatively close quarters. I don't see how that makes it somehow a betrayal to the spirit of the franchise.