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03-26-2012, 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by cjc75 View Post
Thanks to both of you on all of that advice, I do appreciate it quite a bit as its given me plenty to work on over the next few nights... as well as the Guides to read through.

Just, two more questions though for now...

How in the world do you skip missions and jump ahead to other campaigns??

They're all greyed out for me and I can not hail them... and they all state they have a required minimum level at which they can be played...

So how do I skip the ones I am on, and jump straight to the Undine for example; if it is greyed out?

Lastly... how do I change from "normal mode" to "elite mode" ... this is the first time I've ever heard reference to that one.

Oh... and on the Field Generator suggestion for a Sci Console...

It could be a rather, long while.. before I'm able to acquire one of those...

So any other suggestions on that area until I am, able to afford such?
Corgatag explained it better than I did in the previous posts.

As for switching to Elite, you can do this in the Options menu, I believe. However, if you're concerned about doing STF Elites, don't be. They give you the option of queuing for Normal and Elite, without you having to change anything.

I don't really have an opinion on other science consoles. On my Tactical Escort Retrofit, I use the cloaking device and field generator in those slots. I'd suggest just keeping what you already have and just save for what you need.