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03-27-2012, 12:21 AM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
I think the best fix for the Shield units is too just delete them. Seriously there crutch anyway. Just remove the stupid things, they should have never existed too begin with. If you can't balance damage numbers properly with everyone having an "intended" shield factor on there ships your just plain bad at what you do. I don't believe that's the case, so delete them and buff or nerf numbers as needed after it shakes out.
Removing the damn console would be the best. Or at least leave it the way it is, max one per ship. Or, make it max 10%, with diminishing return. This will create such an imbalance in game than well see fights going for 30 minutes.

I was talking to a very nice guy in Kerrat, from 528, and I was watching him fighting 1 galor and 1 bop. I asked him: do they suck or you tank like crazy. He told me ha has 20k+ shield. And he was engie in an ody. Those guys just couldn't kill him. More then that, his shield was on red maybe for few secs, than back to 2/3-full. Well, he had a great build, but 20k plus shield? Ok, with the next update hell go back to 17-ish, which is still insane. And I mind you cryptic, did you think how a bop will tank now? Pretty much a bop will get close to the shield of a bortasqu command (w 2 sci consoles). is this intended? Is it intended that a bop (and maybe mvam) could be the killer escort (and I'm mainly a bop pilot, so I would benefit from that). I really don't see the logic behind this change. In regards thE the other changes, so far I can say they are welcomed. But totally voided but this goof-up.