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03-27-2012, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by voicesinthedark View Post
one of the Devs said either earlier today or in the past couple of days (my days are all mixed up lately) that they are working on converting and correcting many of the models because of an error with the DX11. It was in one of the threads. I know they use #D Studio Max to create the 3d models so if that's anything like the others I've used they could be in for a real work load if there were conversion issues.

none of the fixes people have suggested for either Nvidia or AMD cards have worked for you??
Hi Voices,

No my friend, no fixes atm. The only way to stop the flickering is to set the shadows to low, I do run in DX11 and the shading (with shadows low) is very good by that i mean the ships hull goes dark when i move and turn and is seemless and very effective, however whilst setting is on low no shadows are cast on my hull via nacelles etc.

DX11 is the way to go and it pleases me that the devs are working on this because even though only a little of DX11 is available, what you can see is much much better than DX9 both in game speed and visual quality.