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03-27-2012, 03:28 AM
Originally Posted by Cyell
This is not entirely correct. Currently the fastest way to kill a cube (not tac cube) is to allow the heavy plasma torp to hit you while ur at point blank range. This means that neutronium's kinetic resist does help. In addition, the gate's cutting beam I believe is anti-proton dmg. It's rare to get hit by one of those, but it happens now and then.

Oh also spheres have torps too, which you kinetic resist helps with too.
Uh... yeah, although to be honest I expect the respawn time would mitigate any advantage of kamikaze hugging a cube. They tend to pop quick with conventional DPS when it's on tap anyhow, and with a Garumba, it's deffinitely on tap. I suppose the non-cube kinetic damage would still make neutronium a safe bet though. I use neutronium anyhow since I'm not a fan of hot-swapping armour, it's rare you'll face such an energy specific threat.