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03-27-2012, 04:29 AM
The containers are much better than floating yellow spheres but they seem harder to detect, especially being so used to seeing bright containers. they might need to be a touch bigger or have a little more glow?

not overly worried about the shield console. no one likes a nerf but i hate when consoles provide a diminishing return. makes it harder to tell what multiple consoles will give. so not an ideal change but im fine with it.

having trouble finding the defera missions. hide and seek missions are all well and good but not when you are trying to test it. all i found was two mission from the contact that gives you the probe, and they are simple ones.

I noticed lots of glowing holographic bombs located around the city which suggest there is a mission to find and place them but im not sure if there is a mission to activate them or not?

also is the com tower going to get added. the area is built but cut off? i was hoping this update would open up that area.