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03-27-2012, 06:50 AM
Part of the problem is that some "pros" are so quick to throw around insults, and then wonder why their hails go ignored.

I was in Infected Space Elite last night. I know about the 10% rule. Switched target to move to the next generator... let loose everything...

And the target hadn't switched. Boom. "Go back to normal, Rick! ******!!!!" etc etc. No slack for a genuine mistake... just a "They're noob!!!! They're noob!!!" assumption. At that point, nothing I could say would restore things - the optional was a bust.

The group still cleared up within 20 mins overall. I do think that if you want to do the optionals reliably, you'd better form a premade. Better for the "pros" blood pressure, right?

Note that it's good to see those helpful few who give advice. It's the ones that just rant and rant that are doing nobody any good - least of all themselves. I always imagine someone frothing at the mouth and gibbering "FUUUUUUUUUUUU!" and rocking backwards and forwards. The thought amuses me a little.

As for me - I did come properly geared, knowing the strategy and with components to heal injuries. Next time I'll be more careful!