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03-27-2012, 09:03 AM
Well the first problem you have is your'e mixing your damage types. AS a dread you should be using phaser weapons, not antiproton. Doubly so if you decide to use the quad cannon. The reason behind this is the Spinal Lance, and the Quad cannons are both naturally phaser weapons, and so if you have phasers all around then you get the most benefit from phaser damage consoles.

Secondly your weapons load outs aren't very well optimized. In STFs, damage output is king and you've got beam arrays (best for broadsides) mixed with a quad cannon (best for frontal) and a torpedo (best for frontal) all in the mix. This just compounds the inefficient mixed damage type setup you currently have since you won't have enough of your weapons trained at any one time.

For STF flying you may want to consider going full-frontal weaponry (dhc/dc/quad, turrets, torpedoes) because despite the low maneuverability of the dread, most of your big targets are going to be stationary. This is especially the case if you're already dead set on using that quad cannon

Finally, Why do you have 2 EPS Consoles? As an engineer you should already be able to mitigate power really easily so 1 is really the max you'd ever need. Same thing with the Plasma Distribution console, unless you ABSOLUTELY need it to punch your weapon power up to 125, you might want to consider something else. I note you don't have an assimilated borg module (get it from the Assimilated mission).