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03-27-2012, 08:27 AM
I was in IGE for the first time. _I_ made it the worst STF experience.

I've done IGN many times, and didn't know about some basic stuff (like trigger lines) because nobody had ever explained them. We just... moved through. Sometimes we got the optional, most times we didn't. Ok.

Yeah, I was a complete drag to the team, but it didn't help that the 'boss' of the group was snippy with me through the entire match.

Then I discovered that the final room doesn't have bridges. ... oh f me. I hate jumping. HATE JUMPING. I said 'wait, elite mode has no bridges?' and got some snide 'no s*t' comments in return.

I died a bunch and eventually just quit, feeling completely useless and embarrassed. (In retrospect, the leader, knowing I was new to the game mode, should have kept me on center duty)

What did I take away from it? I'm never doing ground STFs again. Simple. Way too much stress for minimal reward. Really, I was only doing them for fun and the off-chance of finally getting a helmet.
Space is easy and rewarding. If I want ground gear, I'll just use EDC from space and be done with it.