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03-27-2012, 09:16 AM
Why don't people want to win?! Space elite STF's are sooo easy if you just do what you're supposed to do! No, you DON'T nuke the generators. You get them to 10%. And then you DON'T GO AND NUKE THEM ON THE OTHER SIDE AGAIN! You just don't. It's like sabotaging a run on purpose!

And yes! You do keep your ship repaired! You wouldn't go ride your car without oil and ignore it, would you? So why do you insist on flying your spaceship with PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING BROKEN. You blow up a lot? Well guess how that happens! Might it have something to do with shield damage? Hull stress and breaches? Nooooo, that can't be it! It must be that everyone else sucks and isn't healing enough. And I guess with all that damage to your ship you'll certainly help everyone a lot by firing your broken rainbow DPS. Yes, THAT'LL HELP A LOT.

And why do people insist on ignoring the BoP's in Cure? Thank God I don't have to run that STF anymore because I got all I want from it. Because GOOD GRIEF, people, it's not THAT HARD to kill the BoP THAT WAS JUST FLYING PAST YOU. What, you purposefully ignored it because your tiny bit of DPS was better wasted shooting some generators so you can create more spawn which you'll also ignore so that, OF COURSE, the Kahn blows up, AGAIN!? And NOOOO, let's CERTAINLY not communicate! NoooOOOhh! We don't want anybody to know that we've just spawned Negh'var warships, do we? It's not like we're ACTUALLY A TEAM HERE, right? Noo! We're all on our own! And as long as NOBODY KNOWS that there's a Negh'var and 3 raptors going towards the Kahn everything is just HONKYDORY right?!

NOT to even mention the probes in Kithomer. There was a bunch of probes flying past me? I thought someone else was supposed to shoot those while I blindly went and got blown up by a cube ALL THE BLOODY TIME, and then COMPLETELY IGNORE the whole idea of blowing up both gates in tandem, because WE ALL LOVE SPAWNS don't we?! If possible, we'd all just want to kill spawns ALL THE BLOODY TIME right?! I mean, that's why we learned to NUKE THE GENERATORS in Infected right? It's not as if we're actually trying to WIN! That would be preposterous! If possible we'd all just want to keep killing spawns for the rest of the day! And because STF's are so FREAKING easy, it's best if we bring sub-tier4 ships! And lots of silly mines! And rainbows! Shiny shiny rainbows! Another freaking skittle boat! And YES! It can't even heal! It can't DO ANYTHING!

And how is it even possible that every day there are people who AGAIN don't know what to do? Is the supply of ineptitude literally endless? Was Einstein right when he said that human stupidity is infinite? Is it impossible to learn WHILE failing instead of just KEEP ON FAILING? It's like one of those babies trying to fit a triangular shaped block through a circular shaped hole! If it doesn't work, why KEEP going on doing the same? If NUKING the generators got you scolded last time, what would be a good idea to do now? YES, NUKE MORE GENERATORS! It's FUN! WE WANT MORE SPAWN!

Cryptic, please make a tutorial where people have to get all generators to 10% before they're allowed to get out again. Or make it a vote-kick option, call it space-ship purgatory. Perhaps then stupidity can be purged.

Edit: Actually, I'm not all that ragey. I wrote that pretty much chuckling at the banality of it all the time. And there are plenty of times and people out there who can REALLY make an STF run a lot of fun. THANK YOU! to all the competent players who took time to learn how to do STF's.