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03-27-2012, 09:42 AM
Ok, so quick question regarding the EULA and content from licensed games.

I've started thinking about producing a re-make of "Star Trek: A Final Unity" (sure, it maybe indicates a lack of imagination, but the game was pretty fantastic).

The main impetus for this thought was that, if you have the original CD, it is possible to extract the sound files. I know you cannot upload sound for the Foundry, but it's not too difficult to put together a little HTML interface which - as an optional extra - they can Alt+Tab (or in Steam just go to the overlay) to and have voice-acting to go along with the mission.

(Of course people would have to extract the sound files from their -own- copies of the original CD so as not to be distributing copyrighted content. Also, if I were to do this, I wouldn't use the voices for the Enterprise D crew, as everyone has their own crew. But the NPCs could be voiced).

Thing is, the game comes replete with a range of characters and locations which are specific to that game. Am I to take it that any reference to, say, the Chodak or Garidians or the planet Morassia, is incompatible with the Foundry EULA?