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03-27-2012, 10:20 AM
Being fairly new myself I haven't had too many terrible experiences. I only pug the stfs I've trained with my fleet for (cure and infected with an accidental ka ground elite due to a team set up snafu - still got the optional somehow). Because of this I stick to following the lead of the team. That doesn't always work, though. Especially when the team splits up in infected space after taking down the cube and triggers both sets of nate probes and spheres. Thank god I had my graviton pulse equipped because I was working double time to keep them contained (to be fair, when I said I needed help, i got it from one of the teammates). I did notice our lone ranger was firing all rainbows and after the match I sent him a pm asking if it was his first run. He said it was and I went over what I knew with him, gave him the tips I had been given and offered to pug with him in the future. It went really well. I guess that is bad and good. That same good/bad happened in an infected ground (ive believe it was infected). Before we even got a quarter of the way we lost one (of course I'm not sure if it was a disconect it not). Then just before we could finish the final boss (after 6 attempts) we lost another. This is where it was good, though we were down to 3, we still tried 3 more times. It was a full hour and a half of fighting a losing battle but I gained a friend out of it and we both got pretty good at the mission. We didnt suffer a penalty either when we finally gave up. So I guess what I got out of it was to help the new folks and to not leave too soon.