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03-27-2012, 11:24 AM
look its easy enough to get around the frankly weak as hell plasma weapon issue.

#1. Get the Plasma Disruptor hybrid (wiki for info) cannons for escorts, beams for everything else

#2. Buy energy, plasma and Disruptor buff consoles to augment ALL the weapons powers

#3. Acquire Plasma Torps and an Boff with high yield and torp spread

#4. Acquire cannon/beam specific Boff ability's for your Tac boffs

#5. If a VA grind for early sets in 2800 (MkX-XI) or Borg (MkX-XI) i suggest both so you can switch out

#6. Use your PD Hybrids to grind the 2800 missions for poloron weapons to take advantage of the Dominion weapons set buff.


#7. Use the borg set and begin early level STF's to acquire the (Borg) disruptor or plasma weapons to augment your current load out.

Once you have a Jem'hadar set and polorons and a Borg set with PD Hybrids and MkXI plasma or disruptor weapons along with there specific buff consoles you can switch your game up a little and push into elite STF runs and PVP swapping out weapon and shield sets depending on if you need rapid fire with a DoT or raw DPS.

I strongly suggest you try the following:

PVP: PD Hybrid with Borg set with plasma torps and Disruptor, energy and Plasma buff consoles.

The combination of high and hard hitting DPS with the potential for a DoT that continues to tick even after you evade away means you can continue to pound on there shields while they are continuing to take hull damage due to plasma burn.

STF: Poloron with full Jem'hadar and Har'pang torps buffing for kinetic and poloron consoles

The incredibly high hit rate combined with the set bonus to poloron weapons combined with a free DoT from the relatively high power kinetic torpedo's means you can free up a Boff from Torp skills (no torp skill works on the har'pang torp) allowing you to concentrate on tac buffs in the form of fire at will, cannon spread, direct fire as well as omega, alpha and beta tactics.

Nobody at end game with the exception of Dreadnought captains (stuck with phasers due to spinal lance limitations) stick to one single set/weapon combo across the game especially considering set bonus's and weapon effects against specific combat groups.
9-10 times you can face roll PVE outside STF's and still manage to grind through but at end game pure plasma will only see you killed time and time again.

Weapon and skill testing:

StarBase 24 is the single best place to test out new Boff and weapon/set combos, its enemy ships are low enough level to still beat if you mess up your set up and still high enough level to see what numbers you are throwing with your new gear.
and if all else fails there are more then enough people to carry you if you truly mess up your ship.

hope this helps you out a little, i know similar advice helped me out a lot in regards to the Aegis and Borg sets back when they were introduced