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03-27-2012, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by trinitron72003 View Post
I am still confused about how many points to put into accuracy and defence. One of my captains has accuracy and another has accuracy and elusive. Is there a practical cap to how many additional points I should spend? I will look at the chart and see if that helps clear it up but any thoughts or experience would be great.

Thanks for this post.
I don't understand you question. The cap is 9 for all skills. Do you mean what is the "recommended" amount to spend on each skill?

Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
[*]The Elusive Trait for Captains (+10% Defense at all times, as long as your ship is moving)
Is this still correct? My Captain has the Elusive trait and maxed defense skill. At a dead stop, my defense is +10%.