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03-27-2012, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by muftytufty
Thanks for the advice Prof.Gast, i already had the anti-proton weapons before i got the Dreadnought, and had decide to turn it into a phaser ship. I havent fitted them yet because i was two short, but today i got them, took a week to get the borg prototype salvage which i will be fitting as soon as i get the console. I've also tried the cannon on the front but because the the turning rate i always found that the rear beams was doing most of the work most of the time, but i see syn2083 talking about the sliding effect you get from the ship when comming out of full impulse, i might pratice doing what he say's and put the cannon on the front again.....I like the Dreadnought X i think it's a good looking ship and dont want to park it in a space dock and run around in an Escort, just wish it could either do more dps or take a lot more beating than what it can now. Hopefully the Galaxy Pack will give the old girl a new lease of life
I find it quite a tankable ship actually.

But beyond that to your comment about rear beams doing work, if you go cannons its imperative you use 4 turrets in the back, 1-2 single cannons on front and 4 turrets gives you pretty good side cover, that combined with rapid fire (which makes the turrets rapid fire as well) and DEM3 is still pretty potent as you re-align.

That and learning how to use reverse and the motion of your target to swing around, and lock them down with a tractor beam is also pretty key. Evasive Maneuver also combined with reverse will almost instantly get you on target as well.

Learning those 2-3 tricks is what makes the dread cannon build potent. It's not for everyone though, takes a great deal of practice. At the worst just get a set of blue mk XI cannons/turrets and play around with em, a dhc and dc couple singles and 4 turrets, some normal mode STF's and some fleet friendly pvp and you should be in a good spot to learn how to maximize your movements.