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03-27-2012, 12:09 PM
So, I was bored out of my mind (which is not surprising in STO for the past year), so I thought 'What the hell...I'll do an STF."

So my first mistake was not leaving right as it began...a full team of tacs...I even stated that I felt concern about the lack of diversity in the group, but we came to the assumption that, with luck, our dps would out do any issues.

So we pave the map, killing all the borg spawns and challenges with ease (well maybe doing the shield puzzles 2-3 times each).

Then the random drop team bug hit us all and we tried to get our team together. Only 4/5 instantly got back to the team...the 5th one didn't even answer in zone until 20 minutes after this bug...and he actually just happened to walk to the boss where we were...he didn't even answer and tells, etc.

So....the Boss fight...I started off telling the team we had to make sure we spread out and lookout for his AoE. No one replies. I thought everyone was just gettin right as the fight starts all of them group together and die instantly....I go 'wth was that? I stated to look out for his AoE' No reply again. So rinse and repeat this about 10 times (eventually that last member got to us...but kept denying team invites). And in the process one of the members kept pm'n me that he was confused as hell to as to why the rest wasn't folling the basic setup for this STF.

Eventually I just exploded in rage.....hey you guys weren't there saying something like "Are you guys even trying??? I keep telling you to look out for the damn AoE..and you just walk right next to each other each time. What are you people doing???"

One of them finally went "lol," and that's when I said "Really...? Lol !?" How is this even funny? Do you even read any guides or God forbid, listen?" Another 'lol' and a troll post which made me happily ignore sadi member later I said "Well sorry, hope you guys have fun, but I'm out of here. No point in trying with you people. The leaver penality shall be worth it."

So myself and the other member that at least pm'd me earlier stating how the others were annoying him too, left.

.....I recieved no leaver penalty...

Moral of the story: I should give up on STF''s like this ever sinse the "update" to borg tech on 2/4 characters, an aegis on 1/4 and reman on 1/4. Oh well, that's my tale.