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03-27-2012, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by Aries2507 View Post
after a frankly shocking time flying a galaxy X i have only two very small pieces of advice...

#1....Phasers.... lots of them, stack & power all your systems & consoles toward buffing your phasers and by extension the phaser lance.

#2. remember to bring your cloak, the frankly shocking buff you get from a well timed surprise attack is invaluable when it comes to your lance. stack power for weapons when under cloak, wait for it to max out, decloak and let fly with the lance and watch shields vanish in a puff of "WTHWASTHAT!?!"

hope this helps.
I've done somthing like this to a klingon in Kar'rek who was busy shoting a repair thing, i sneakup behind him messed up my timing (first time using the cloak for pvp) nearly had him but he got behind me and rip me a new one