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03-27-2012, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by Aries2507 View Post
i sense a god in the making once we get the separation console in the very near future.

seriously considering a full cannon build once it go's live
I like it allot, the build is again pretty touchy but it can be very explosive.

I the biggest dps boost iv'e had was from adding in the set of 3 dual cannon variants, going from 1 dhc and 3 cannons, to 1 dhc and 2dc's made a huge huge boost in my damage.

Sometimes it can be really frustrating in PvP but if your persistent in learning, and willing to live with a couple total loss matches here and there it is very rewarding. Most of my matches now are around 4-600k dmg and about 300k+ healing.

Again, not really escort levels, but your not trying to just lay into just anything, pick your targets smartly, make them lame and slow (EWP engine disable, TB, whatever you got, use it), then just lay into em. Half the time I don't get the actual killing blow, but thats fine too, i set the target up for a hellish escort run and they go boom.

Beyond that, you can last quite a while with taking sustained fire, and still dish out some decent damage, that part is great for letting the team regroup and pick a new FF target.

Anyway, its a fun build if you like the challenge of moving around, and the secondary challenge of sometimes becoming 'the target to focus on'.