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Ok, anybody using an AMD/ATI videocard give these a go.
(12.4 official developer beta)

next if your running more then one card OR even 1 card you can try these on top of the above.

for best results make sure you have removed amd's CAP(catalyst application profiles) before installing the ccaps.

for me this works without artifacts in dx9 and 11 mode, also tested on a dx10 card, worked fine even enabling dx11 mode(dx11 is ment to scale back to what the hardware can support, im guessing this is whats happening)

this is for people who are having flickering squares, artifacts, flickering textures, or just random game issues related to video.

also note: this seems to be better performance wise then the 12.1's or 11.x drivers even on older hardware.

if you need any direct driver help, post on guru3d rather then here, your far more likely to get useful help there then here.