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03-27-2012, 04:50 PM
I'd certainly be curious and interested in seeing a dialogue about this topic. I think there are some legitimate claims here, especially with regards to ships such as the Excalibur and the Sabre. Obviously a T5 Connie is out of the queestion, but a T5 Excalibur shouldn't be.

Part of the problem, though, is that 'T5' implies not only 'more modern' ships but mostly 'just plain better.' Which is rather curious when seeing the Connie be the (rough) equivalent of the Nova, though that's more of an issue of the costumes.

I'm wondering if there's not another way to go about this, in which people can play their favorite ship to the end of PvE -- missions scaled to some combination of tier of ship and level of character? so an Excalibur isn't facing the same enemies a Sovereign is and beating them (but then it gets difficult with mixed-tier teams) -- and yet also keep PvP balanced, though that's much harder and might have to be forgotten about.

One thing is for certain, the tier system is broken and needs an overhaul. Yes, I know: Resources, resources, resources. Which is why I don't think we'll be seeing a renovation to the tier system ever, and why proposals like this should be discussed.