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03-27-2012, 05:03 PM
I had a question regarding eng consoles-

I see lots of people use resistance consoles, and those make sense obviously.

What about plasma distribution manifold consoles (+wep power)?

My thinking is that my hull is my absolute last line of defense. With my defense rating and shields handling most of my ships defensive needs, using the PDM consoles let me focus even more on damage. This makes it easier to hit 125 weapons power, allowing for me to increase shield or engine power.

Am I wrong in this thinking? This is what I use now, and I can still survive a tac cube generally long enough to get out of range and lose aggro, but I am very susceptible to the super-torpedoes, those I can usually survive on my Engineer's Oddy ship.

Note- I'm a tactical captain in a Defiant Retrofit, with the usual gear, borg 3/4, MACO Mk XII shields, AP DHCx3, quantum x1, AP turret x3, all blue Mk XI consoles. BOFF defensive abilities are TSS1, HE2 and a single EPTS2, so I am pretty light on healing skills. Might even change the TSS1 to something else as well. I am usually pretty good at using brace for impact if my shields drop, for what thats worth.