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03-27-2012, 05:22 PM
I really.... REALLy don't like stacking field generators... ..

keep them the way they are... I don't have the luxury of 10 science console slots

why do you guys have to mess with a good thing... because you don't want to properly fix the torp consoles?

is this like the decloak bug when any interaction that you deem necessary should decloak a player? Remember that you made that statement because you didn't want to fix the decloak bug for every map.. you took the easy way out.

Please don't change the console!

P.S. do you think I need to be decloaked from an interactive message in an STF letting me know what I am supposed to do after the 100's of runs you have put me through? This is as absurd as a nerfed field generator console that is now stackable.