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03-27-2012, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by AJ_McRich
Anyway you have forgot the mission module: it adds variety and flexibility to this "shapeshifting" ship.
It still looks like a neutered Science ship with a couple nice abilities but with its Cmdr and most useful abilities chopped off. Without hull strength (you picked as the base ship the weakest T5 hull in Starfleet), it's hardly much of a tank, even with a Lt. Cmdr Engineer slot.

Some comparisons (positives in green, negatives in red):

As a tank, vs Assault Cruiser
-Lower DPS (fewer weapons)
-Much lower Hull
-Fewer Eng Boff slots
-No Cmdr Eng abilities
-Much less crew

-Higher shields
-One extra Sci console
-Better turn rate

Vs Adv Research Vessel:
-Lower DPS (No Sensor Array or Target Subsystems, but extra Tac console)
-Lower Hull
-Fewer Sci Boff slots
-No Lt. Cmdr or Cmdr Sci Boff abilities
-Less Crew

-Could switch the Sci console for an extra Eng console
-Better turn rate

Vs T4 Galaxy:
-Lower DPS (one less weapon)
-Lower Hull

-Higher Shields
-Swaps Cmdr Eng ability for Ensign Universal ability
-Much less crew

-Additional console slots
-Better turn rate

As DPS, vs... basically any of the Escorts:
-Lower DPS (Either by an extra fore gun and dual cannons or a tac console, take your pick)
-Lower Hull

-Extra console in either Eng or Sci
-Comparatively lacking in Tac Boff skills (no Cmdr skill, only 1 Lt. Cmdr skill)
-More crew
-Lower turn rate
-Better shields

Vs Excelsior:
-Similar base DPS
-Much lower hull
-Much less crew
-No Cmdr Eng

-Better shields
-Better turn rate
-Extra Sci console

Vs Recon Sci
-Similar base DPS (Extra gun slot and dual cannons vs Sensor)
-Better DPS Boff slots
-Absolute lack of Sci abilities