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03-27-2012, 07:56 PM
Not every ship will benefit, if you read the other previous posts...Ships with 1 & 2 Sci-console(s) will be at a loss.
And oh yes, it can give more options, if you have Sci-slots of 3 or more. But again not every ship has that luxury.

And for others, they may have equipped something else that helps to keep the ship functional for a while longer. This change is forcing the breaking of the builds that many have streneously tested over time. And sometime to get the better rewards most play on Elite mode, may it be PvE or STF. Every extra additional means a high chance of surviving the battle outright.

Originally Posted by mellestad View Post
I guess I'm in the minority, I think this is good. The 35% console was something everyone ran with, and that's lame and boring. Now you get more options...if you really want to be tanky, you can, but you sacrifice some stuff. If you don't want to be tanky, you don't sacrifice some stuff.

I thought a 35% buff console was just nuts. If we can live with stackable armor and tac consoles that don't buff to 35% why is the shield thing any different? Seems like now the shield consoles are in line with everything else, which is good.