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03-27-2012, 07:09 PM
@AuntKathy: you are absolutely right in regards to feedback based on each ones test on tribble. This is how we should base every feedback. Seriously, that was a good point! But, what bothers me is not only the shield loss and imballance this adds, most annoying is that if you want shield, you need to stack, thus occupying other precious console space. And that's valid for every ship. Maybe the best benefits pvp wise is on the bop-s. they have the lowest shields anyways and this is maybe a good reason to dump the cap console for good. You can cloak every 20 secs as long as you have a hold counter handy to avoid surprises. I usually fly a bop but still, I do not agree with the change because of the reasons mentioned above.

@lamid: in other post I made a statement saying the sci consoles are almost useless. I was wrong, there are few very good ones, depending on your spec. Flow capacitors is one of them. Considering this change, I may decide to equip 3 of them and just dump the shield cap one. Also the one that boosts cpb (forgot the name) is decent. But the fact sci consoles are useful is an argument to consider dumping the whole shield cap console, or, lower it 10%, or just leave as it was even if only because everybody got used/comfortable to it. I really think other things should have priority Over this shield cap console.