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03-27-2012, 08:50 PM
@AuntKathy out of curiosity are you always so methodical? Every post from you is bullet proof logical. After looking at the numbers it the change doesn't really worry me too much.

However I am actually surprised that people would prefer to have one unique must have +35% generator versus just constructively advocating that the Developers rework shield scaling with a "fix it" script. Surely with all the good joy of object oriented programming and inheritance the formulas for the shields are simply an inherited class... Only the set items and one off items (Reman, Pantrinic etc) would need some special care.

If the all shield capacity increased by 35% (or other cryptic devised number) the entire player base would benefit by having another console slot.

My desire to have the generator removed from the game is solely based on the fact it provides a massive bonus with no downside. Regeration consoles don't give nearly the same level of increase to regen. The borg assimilated console is in the same group IMHO. No one console should be a "must have" for nearly all the player base.

I'm glad it was nerfed personally but it seems like a messy compromise to an already messy situation.