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Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
I have never witnessed any Mine dispersal pattern increase the damage of the individual mine.

For example, my Mk XII Quantum Mine [CrtD] [CrtH] [Borg] Does 2,261 Damage, weither I deploy the standard 5, or use a mine dispersal pattern to deploy more. Unless it Crits, it never deviates vs Hull it's damage beyond a few hundred due to resistances or damage rolls.

Yes they disperse more mines, I have stated I know this. And I do know that more mines can equal more damage. Again my post was about allowing the dispersal patterns increase the individual mine damage beyond just deploying more mines. And I'm not asking for something as out rageous as a High yield in damage increase. But perhaps something marginal but enough to notice. Such as maybe 2%, 4%, 6%. At least then they do something other then let you spit more mines out.
I don't think HY works the way you think it does. The tooltip of the torpedo shows an increase in damage when HY is used, but those multiple torpedoes you're seeing *are* that increase for most torpedoes.. If you use a plasma (or Tricobalt too, IIRC) for instance, you only get one torpedo launched, but its damage increase is the same *percentage* of increase as a Quantum spread over 'multiple shots'.

The mines actually increase in number, so again, the increased damage from the skill comes from all the mines that launch.